Handcrafted wooden jigsaw puzzles

We hand make one-off or small runs of puzzles with or without images supplied by customers. We do not make cardboard puzzles.

Made to order (custom) puzzles

Because we are not limited by templates, we can make puzzles of many sizes and shapes. The largest, fully interlocking puzzle with straight sides that we can make is 55 x 55 cm (or ~60 x 42 cm for more conventional ratios of sides). Larger sizes by negotiation.

Example of guest book piecesExample of a guest book puzzle

Small, but surprisingly difficult puzzles

The pieces of these jigsaws have no obvious up- or down-side, thus effectively doubling the number of pieces in the puzzle

corroboree frogsThe two sides of one puzzle of a corroboree frog

Puzzle repairs - replacement pieces

Pieces missing from wooden jigsaws can be replaced. This is an expensive process, so the puzzle should have financial or sentimental value.

missing_pieceOne of these pieces replaces a missing piece