Custom made wooden jigsaw puzzles

These puzzles are commissioned as gifts and for occasions ranging from marriage proposals to corporate events.

Guest books

IIn these puzzles guests sign a piece of the puzzle instead of a page in a book. The puzzle may be blank or have an image, be rectangular or shaped, and be personalised with a message sculpted into the puzzle. , These range from blank, rectangular puzzles to shaped puzzles with sculpted lettering and/or surface images. Where there is a surface image guests usually sign on the back of the puzzle. Photographs or other images can be used - photos should be high resolution and are printed then mounted on wood (as distinct from directly printed onto wood).

Heart with sculptingHeart shaped puzzle with sculpted lettering.

Puzzles from images supplied by customers, including photopuzzles

Usually commissioned as gifts but sometimes also used a guest books. In the puzzle below the artwork as well as the puzzle was commissioned for the occasion.

testImage copyright Julia McLeish

Personalisation of jigsaws

Puzzles can be made personal in many ways, including by

  • the choice of the image
  • adding lettering to the image
  • cutting lettering into the puzzle
  • shaping the puzzle or pieces within it (shaped pieces within a puzzle are variously known as whimsies, figurals and silhouette pieces)

missing_pieceThe underside of chicken shaped pieces cut into a puzzle of a Guatemalan chicken bus

Packaging of puzzles

Guest book puzzles are usually supplied without a box or other packaging

Other puzzles may be supplied assembled on card and within a plastic sleeve, or in wooden boxes

wooden boxesLeft: Box for storing dismantled puzzles. Right: Display case type box for storing assembled puzzles